Friday, 28 February 2014

Version 1.9

Or, "dude, where are my flashing zzz's"

I've released Morpheuz 1.9 onto the Pebble App Store and My Pebble Faces this evening. It includes the following features:

  • A progressive alarm. Instead of the 30 seconds of one vibration per second, Morpheuz starts off with a single vibe, waits, vibes again then gets progressively more frequent. It then waits for 60 seconds and repeats the cycle twice more. I'm hoping this caters for those who wanted a more gentle start, and those, like me, who needed a grenade in a steel bucket as a wake up.
  • 'Up' now cancels the alarm (like the native Pebble alarm app). Pressing during snooze will cancel the alarm.
  • 'Down' provides a 9 minute snooze. Pressed during snooze will extend the snooze period back to 9 minutes.
  • Every few seconds whilst the alarm is sounding, the backlight is lit.
  • There is now an alarm sounding indicator in the top bar. 
  • The icon next to the smart alarm times has been replaced.
  • A short press on any button shows the "button hint page". This gives the button assignments and shows the time across the top (after all, you might be pressing a button to see the time!) A short press on any button removes this page. Regardless of which page is showing the buttons will work as designated.
  • The initial splash screen is now shown for only a few seconds, rather than waiting for the next ice age.
  • The flashing zzz have been removed. They were there as an indication the accelerometer APIs were functioning. However this was neither obvious, nor battery efficient. Morpheuz now checks on the accelerometer APIs and on first failure attempts to re-start them and on second failure shows this screen:

What happens if the accelerometer API stops working.
I hope you enjoy 1.9. I would like to thank the kind people who beta tested it for me.

I have had good information, help and advice from the Developer Evangelists at Pebble,  Cherie Williams and Thomas Sarlandie, so I sent them a Morpheuz coffee mug each. Enjoy and thank you.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

A nice cup of joe

You've slept all night monitored by Morpheuz. You've been woken at the right time. What next? Well, obviously, a nice cup of joe from a Morpheuz mug!

If you are in the UK you can get these from Zazzle here. If you are in the US you can get the same thing from Zazzle here.

Sleep well.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Most Loved Fitness App

For everyone who has loved Morpheuz, thank you - it's at number one in the fitness section of the official Pebble app store.

If you use Morpheuz and think it is worth it, please go in and click the little heart.

Revisiting the past

Morpheuz provides a simple mechanism for exporting CSV data either as an email or by allowing it to be copied to clipboard.

This data can be charted easily in most popular spreadsheets. But should you not have the time or the inclination, you can now use the Chart Viewer tab on this blog.

Take the contents of your email, or copied data, and paste it into the data box at the top of the page. Press plot and the charts will appear.

This is the beginning. With time this will become richer and more powerful.

Note: Data kept prior to the 20th February 2014 will show a deviation from that on your phone. On your phone no data is considered past the smart alarm time. This used not to be recorded in the CSV data. After the 20th February 2014 the CSV data will include the start of the smart alarm, end of the smart alarm and actual alarm times. This allows the charts plotted on this blog to match identically with those plotted on the configuration page.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Fame at last

Laptop Mag have been very kind and put Morpheuz as one of the top 10 Pebble apps.

The article is here.

I'm very grateful to them for this accolade. Thanks.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Enhancement Requests and Bugs

I'm always interested in enhancement requests and bug reports.

If you have a bug report then please let me know the Pebble OS version, Pebble App version, iOS or Android version and phone model.

If you are already on GitHub then please consider raising issues here.

Otherwise raise a comment on this post, or on the Pebble Forum Morpheuz posting.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Exporting Data

If you want to keep your nightly sleep data, then Morpheuz has two very handy features to support this on the configuration page.

The first is the "mail" button. This uses the HTML standard mailto: URL scheme to create and populate an email. The email is entitled with the date and the contents are rows of CSV data giving time and value.

This is not without problems. It works flawlessly on iOS when registration of the mail client is fixed by Apple. Some Android users also have no problem, but others, depending on version of Android, manufacture add ons like TouchWiz and Sense, and finally customer choice of mail client, cannot get this to work.

The second export option is a text area populated with the CSV data. This can be selected and copied to anywhere you like.

In the future I want to provide a much more comprehensive scheme for exporting, storing and viewing trends in sleep data.

After the 20th February 2014 the following lines will be added to the CSV data if smart alarm is turned on:


If the alarm sounded then the following additional line is added:

Friday, 14 February 2014

Algorithms Used

The algorithms are very simple. Data collection is done by taking a repeated set of 25 samples at 10Hz. For each set the average is calculated for each axis. Then the maximum deviation is worked out. The highest deviation is the stored.

Over a 1 minute period the largest overall deviation is accumulated.

The figures are then stored in 10 minute wide buckets, recording the highest figure for that 10 minute period.

Effectively you get the largest movement in any ten minute period in mG.

The sleep quality is a very simple setup at present:
  • Any 10 minute period value above 1000 (ie 1G) is regarded as awake/super restless/being abducted by aliens. 
  • Similarly a figure around 120 marks the boundary between light and heavy sleep. 

The smart alarm averages across the night, and wakes you at the first point between the wake up hours where your movement exceeds average.