Sunday, 16 February 2014

Enhancement Requests and Bugs

I'm always interested in enhancement requests and bug reports.

If you have a bug report then please let me know the Pebble OS version, Pebble App version, iOS or Android version and phone model.

If you are already on GitHub then please consider raising issues here.

Otherwise raise a comment on this post, or on the Pebble Forum Morpheuz posting.


  1. Hello,

    I am a big fan of your app, the following being the only "dark" points I could find in it.

    - Big thanks for your work !

    - No date in timestamp, exported data is only linked to time. With the date it could be better on the long-run.

    - Sometimes showing -1 instead of the accelerometer data at the end of the night (could be "Smart Alarm" on iPhone interfering with data export/connection)

    - I couldn't calculate the same stats you do from exported data, despite your algo explanation (light, deep and awake percentages) and I am curious as to why.

    1. Hi, thanks. The leaving out of the date was deliberate for the mailto: link as the maximum length of a URL is 2K and I wanted to ensure I didn't get close.

      The -1 is really a null value - there hasn't been data recorded for this point. It will show on the graph as a gap rather than plotting as -1 or 0.

      Remember when calculating the stats I don't include times past the smart alarm going off time. It is perfectly possible you've found a bug. Let me know your working and I'll try and work out why it is different from mine.


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