Saturday, 15 February 2014

Exporting Data

If you want to keep your nightly sleep data, then Morpheuz has two very handy features to support this on the configuration page.

The first is the "mail" button. This uses the HTML standard mailto: URL scheme to create and populate an email. The email is entitled with the date and the contents are rows of CSV data giving time and value.

This is not without problems. It works flawlessly on iOS when registration of the mail client is fixed by Apple. Some Android users also have no problem, but others, depending on version of Android, manufacture add ons like TouchWiz and Sense, and finally customer choice of mail client, cannot get this to work.

The second export option is a text area populated with the CSV data. This can be selected and copied to anywhere you like.

In the future I want to provide a much more comprehensive scheme for exporting, storing and viewing trends in sleep data.

After the 20th February 2014 the following lines will be added to the CSV data if smart alarm is turned on:


If the alarm sounded then the following additional line is added:


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