Saturday, 15 March 2014

Version 2.0

This is very small release with the following changes:
  • The main logo has been refined.
  • The icon has been changed.
  • Accelerometer failure results in an SOS buzz pattern (accompanied by the existing failure screen). This is so it is possible to tell the difference between the reset double buzz and an accelerometer failure without looking at the screen.
  • Battery life has been improved.
  • When in inverse mode the moon on the keyboard hint page no longer has a dark face.
Enjoy and sleep well.


  1. Hello!
    I can't import the CSV per Mail.
    Samsung Galaxy S3: 4.3
    Pebble V2.0.1, Bootloader 0x51677d8f, Hardware V2R2

  2. Hallo, ich have similar problem. Alcatel ultra idol

  3. It would be nice too, if you can stop the recording, when you got up!


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