Sunday, 30 March 2014

Version 2.1 is now live

Unload Morpheuz to the locker and re-load it your watch should bring up the new version.
  • NEW Weekend mode - One button press prevents the smart alarm going off and automatically re-enables it for the next night. Ideal for those nights when you go to bed knowing you don't need to get up. Activated by a long press on the down button either before or after the long press on the reset button.
  • Further battery optimisation - calculation for smart alarm threshold was taking place outside of the smart alarm period. This was a waste.
  • Interfacing of the smart alarm actual time is now done as part of the assured delivery loop. This prevents the smart alarm actual time being lost if the watch app is shut when comms is down.
  • New menu icon - again. Not satisfied with the last one.
  • Reset does a double buzz if the smart alarm is on and a single buzz if it is off. As before a total failure gives an SOS buzz.
  • Built with latest SDK
  • Comms icon cannot be at odds with BT icon
Also, Morpheuz is in the last 16 of the Pebble Apps Challenge. I am really pleased. Thank you for voting. Please continue to do so.

Congratulations to the other competitors - your stuff is simply amazing - if you want to know how amazing have a look:

Sleep well.


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