Saturday, 17 May 2014

Version 2.2

Version 2.2 of Morpheuz has been pushed to the Pebble App Store and MyPebbleFaces. It has the following features:
  1. Ignore - a double press of the select button marks the current 10 minute period as 'ignored' (this can be undone by another double press). Ignored periods appear as a vertical grey bar on the chart and are included in their own (grey) segment on the pie chart. The idea is that getting up to visit the loo, get a drink or a little nighttime tweeting doesn't get included in the sleep pattern. There is a little 'ignore' icon on the top of the watch display.
  2. The comms activity has been reduced to an absolute minimum - this results in noticeably better battery life.
  3. The are three links on the bottom of the chart page to instructions at, and links to the facebook page and twitter profile apps via the url scheme. The facebook and twitter are text only on Android.
  4. Notice screen has been replaced - it isn't as artistic but I needed more space for internationalisation of the text (English is the most terse of the languages so room for longer text was essential). This is really preparation for the future.
  5. Animated initial screen - a little fun (I hope).
  6. Integer arithmetic throughout. This has a very significant code size change, but should also have a minor positive impact on battery life.
  7. Resend data (double press of back button). When running normally Morpheuz sends all data to the phone ready for the settings button to be pressed. It uses the ACK from the phone to decide that the transfer has been completed. Sometimes the javascript on the phone doesn't run and there are gaps in the chart. Pressing resend will re-transmit all of the data from the watch to the phone over the next minute or so.
  8. The keyboard hint page is no longer a graphic - the text is Pebble generated - again this is for internationalisation. It doesn't look much different.
  9. The app icon has changed again. Honestly this is the last time - I'm done with low res 1 bit plane images.
  10. Email address for email export is stored.
Note: iOS users may experience a delay until the release of the Pebble iOS app as this release changes the javascript (the first time since 1.7 and hopefully the last for a while).