Monday, 3 November 2014

Morpheuz to Apple Health link via Smartwatch Pro


Morpheuz records sleep patterns for a day and presents these as graphs and statistics within the configuration page for the watch app inside the Pebble Smartwatch iOS (or Android) phone app.

Morpheuz only holds sleep patterns for a day. Apple Health, amongst other information, holds sleep duration patterns over many days, months and years. To this end Morpheuz provides data suitable for entering as a data point in the Sleep zone of Apple Health.

In order to automate this process a native iOS application was needed to bridge the data between Morpheuz and Apple Health.

Max Bäumle's Smartwatch Pro, an excellent and longstanding iOS app that provides Pebble integration with the following iOS features: Calendar; Reminders; Location; Twitter and Step tracking, now provides that bridge too.

How to send Morpheuz Data to Apple Health

1. Pebble App on iOS

Pick 'Settings'
2. Morpheuz Settings screen

Pick export button
3. Smartwatch Pro

Pick OK. This dialog appears every time.
4. Return to Pebble iOS app

Close Pebble App
5. Check Apple Health


  • Q. Nothing happens when I press the Health button. A: Ensure you have Smartwatch Pro installed.
  • Q. The Health button is missing. What happened? A: Until there is a sleep start and stop time the button does not appear
  • Q. Do I have to buy Smartwatch Pro? A: Yes, if you want this integration. It is an excellent app and is worth every cent even without the Morpheuz/Health integration.


  1. I select "Bed time" on Morpheuz just before go to sleep. In the morning, I select "Quit". I have Pebble Time and Smartchwatch Pro running on my iPhone 6 Plus / IOS 8.4, yet nothing shows up on my Healthkit. Why? How can I fix?

  2. I have the same issue. Used Morpheuz for the first time last night. The alarm got me up but when I checked the charts are empty. I then installed Smartwatch Pro, but it never asked to connect to Healthkit. Now I can't/don't know how to get it to do this and no data is transfered. I have the IPhone 6 running IOS 8.4.1

  3. Why doesn't apple Health read it as a chart just how many hours of sleep I got?

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  10. Hi together,

    i wanted to use Morpheuz and my Pebble Classic again for sleep tracking. It worked in 2014, but now I'm not sure if it still does.
    So far I have iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 10.2), PebbleOS 3.12.3 and Smartwatch Pro installed.
    The tracking worked normal, but the manual export to Health did not. When I click the "export" image, it simply closes the "setting page" in the Pebble App. The dialog is also not coming up (ask for Data access to Healh). In the Apple Health App, I can see "Smartwatch Pro" as data source that is allowed to write to Health.

    Any hints? Is the data bridge limited to iOS8, I assume not?

    Many thanks

  11. I'm having the exact issue as Dietmar above. Any suggestions?

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  15. I am having the same problems as Dietmar and Arnie. I also cannot get smartwatch pro to show as a data source. I have tried re setting my Iphone 6S plus as new and cannot get any requests to access health. I am on IOS 10.2. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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