Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Version 2.4

Version 2.4 should now be live on the Pebble app store and on MyPebbleFaces
  • The alarm starts with 10 shorter vibes before escalating - some people found the alarm initially too strong. 
  • There is an optional analogue watch face. 

  • Analogue display shows; reset time, earliest wakeup time, latest wakeup time, progress, alarm active, weekend mode and powernap timer.
  • Instead of the increasingly weird button combinations to access basic functions and the 'button help page' which appeared on a single press of any button I have introduced regular Pebble style menus. This makes Morpheuz seem more familiar, allows the pressing of a button to illuminate the backlight, and provides the means to introduce more features in the future.
  • The back button still needs a long press to leave (this is to prevent accidental closure of Morpheuz in your sleep). A short press does nothing.
  • The up button cancels the alarm if it is sounding or snoozed, otherwise does nothing.
  • The down button snoozes the alarm if it is sounding, otherwise does nothing
  • The select button brings up a menu with the following options:
    1. Ignore (was a double click of select)
    2. Reset (was a long press of up)
    3. Power nap (was a long press of select)
    4. Weekend (was a long press of down)
    5. Resend (was a double press of back)
    6. Inverse (was on the phone config page and, until now, could only be changed on a reset)
    7. Analogue
    8. Quit (still available as a long press on back)
  • When the alarm is sounding then two additional menu items appear at the top of the list:
    1. Snooze Alarm (the down button will also work)
    2. Cancel Alarm (the up button will also work)
  • Menu items which are toggles have a tick or cross against them.
  • I have added the date across the top of the menu. A lot of the messages that were there to reassure that the correct button was pressed have been removed as they were overkill.
Enjoy and sleep well


  1. Is HealthKit integ working in this version?

  2. I love the new look! Thank you for making such a brilliant app, I appreciate it every night.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This app is already one of the best Pebble apps and it keeps getting better and better. I feel guilty that something so good is free, and you won't even accept donations!

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