Friday, 21 November 2014

Version 2.5 is now on the Pebble App Store

The new version of Morpheuz is now out there.
  1. Set the Smart Alarm from your watch. The settings for the smart alarm time are now on the menu and not on the configuration/settings page on the phone.
  2. The configuration/settings page shows charts and allows export, nothing else.
  3. You can change the smart alarm times after you've reset.
  4. Changing the smart alarm times will affect the time the alarm goes off, but only if it hasn't already, and the time is still in the future.
  5. Make sure you export before changing the times or the new times will appear in the export and everything will look a little wonky.
  6. Saving the email address on the configuration page does not result in a reset. Reset is now only from the watch.
  7. The menu has been re-ordered.
  8. You can now use the smart alarm without the phone at all.
  9. Android users and iOS users now experience the same smart alarm setting (used to be drop down lists for iOS and type it yourself for Android)
  10. Clock updates less frequently when you are not moving (every five minutes) and brings itself up to date if a button is pressed or you start moving. This improves battery life.
  11. The alarm set icon has been moved up to the position occupied by the alarm sounding icon. The position now shows alarm set, alarm sounding and weekend mode. Weekend mode is indicated only by icon and not by the word Weekend across the wakeup times.
  12. The powernap countdown is in the top left corner on both analogue and digital displays. It no longer sits across the wakeup times.
  13. The ticked/unticked icons have changed on the menu.
  14. The smart alarm times (and auto reset times) now pay attention to 12/24 hour settings, although the configuration page is always 24 hour.
  15. Auto Reset. There is a new 'Auto Reset' option on the menu. When set this will reset Morpheuz at the same time tomorrow as was done tonight. It will also make Morpheuz the current app if it isn't running (i.e. it uses wakeup)
  16. Considerable optimisation of the code - mostly this helps me to add new features in the future, but it may have a marginal improvement on battery life in some cases.
Sleep well and enjoy, James


  1. Any way to get automatic export to health data? Would be awesome to have the app auto-launch/reset when I normally go to sleep, and auto-export data. Then I would never need to think about Morpheuz at all, but still have the ability to see sleep data if the need arises someday.

  2. So when I go to export the data to Health, it doesn't actually do anything :/ I hit the button, the Morpheuz screen closes and no data goes anywhere. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers.

    1. Have you installed Smartwatch Pro? This provides the bridge between Morpheuz and Healthkit. Have a look at

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    1. I couldn't get it to upgrade to 2.5. Had to completely delete it from my locker. Awesome app!


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