Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Version 2.7

Version 2.7 of Morpheuz is now live on the Pebble App Store and My Pebble Faces.

Icons showing activity monitor;
ignore; smart alarm set;
recording; bluetooth and comms
and battery level

  • Improved icons - simplified icon set, right aligned
  • Export done icon - new icon to show an export has been done
  • Last auto export date on the settings page - shows when the last auto export was run
  • Auto export timeout handling - if the service or network is unavailable then there is a clear indication this happened
  • Better auto export error handling - if the auto export errors then this is shown
  • Anonymous usage statistics using
  • Minor bug in calculation routines quashed
  • Improved layout of export section of settings page

Note: To help improve Morpheuz, this version collects anonymous usage statistics once a day. This usage data is small, contains no identifying information and no sleep or movement data. It can be disabled, if you desire (bottom of settings page). Please look here for more information.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Setting up Pushover for the first time

In addition to downloading Pushover onto your iPhone or Android phone you need to do a little setting up with

Fortunately this only needs to be done once:

Open the settings page on Morpheuz and scroll down to this bit:

Go to the Pushover Dashboard:

Initially you will need to register an application:

Here is an icon to use (rmb click to download):

Once you have created it, then it will look like this, if you click on the name from the dashboard:

Once you have entered the user and the token (both case sensitive 30 character long keys) and pressed save Morpheuz will be ready to go.

"Last result" shows what happened last time it attempted to use the Pushover user and token. If you re-enter settings, don't worry if this says 'Disabled', until the next export time.

Export happens at least 9 hours after you have reset it for bed time. If you have shut Morpheuz down then it will come alive for 5 minutes some 10 hours after you've reset.

Providing you already have a watch full of data, you can test using the resend option.

For those of you curious as to why this approach was taken, feel free to have a look at the Pushover FAQ.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Automatic Healthkit Export & Updating Morpheuz

Version 2.6 of Morpheuz included some automatic export functions; Pushover and Automatic Healthkit export via Smartwatch Pro. Pushover is available right away, but the automatic HealthKit export needs a new version of Smartwatch Pro which needs to go through the usual Apple App Store approval process.

Keep a lookout for the new version of Smartwatch Pro, and as soon as it arrives, do a manual export then set the automatic tick box and save.

On a different topic, some people have reported trouble updating Morpheuz. Please, if you can spare the time, report this to Pebble. Other than being a little large, there is nothing special about the Morpheuz app itself.

Try this technique if you have trouble:
  1. Switch to a standard watchface
  2. Shutdown and restart your Pebble
  3. Unload Morpheuz from My Pebble
  4. Load Morpheuz again from your locker
  5. If this doesn't work, repeat but remove from your locker
The current version of Morpheuz, at the time of writing, is 2.6

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Version 2.6 is live

Somewhere in a Pebble App Store near you (or MyPebbleFaces) you will find version 2.6 of Morpheuz.

This is the fully automatic export edition. See here for details.

Sleep well.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Version 2.6 is nearly ready

So what's changed, I hear you ask?

The little stuff

  • The progress bar at the bottom of the digital (or classic) display is now a little bar chart
  • The application icon is now a cute little bed with a sleeping person
  • The smart alarm icon is a small bell instead of a huge alarm clock
  • The alarm now sounds for 30 seconds, waits a minute and repeats this pattern five times instead of the previous three
  • The export to Healthkit via Smartwatch Pro icon has moved into the much expanded export section

The big stuff part 1

Morpheuz has long lacked an automatic export system. In fact on Android it has very much lacked an export everyone can use (cut and paste CSV works for all, but the email export only works on some Android versions and manufactures).

Exporting the raw data is fine, but there is quite a lot of interpretation done by the settings/graph page, so it would be really nice to be able to see past days graphs, no?

It would also be nice if this just happened and you didn't need to do anything much to make it happen. I thought so too.

So, here is how it works:
  1. Sign up for Pushover
  2. Register Morpheuz as an application
    Here is an icon you can use:

  3. Pushover provides a user key and an api token/key
  4. Enter these into the settings page on Morpheuz and press Save
  5. Ten hours after you've pressed reset on the Morpheuz menu and gone to bed, or used Auto-Reset, Morpheuz will send all your data over a secure connection to Pushover. Don't worry if you've shut Morpheuz down, it will wake for five minutes to do the work and then gracefully shut down.
  6. When you have time, look in Pushover:

  7. Click on an entry:

  8. Click on 'Report'
  9. View the report in Safari or Chrome:

  10. Pushover will keep up to 500 of these reports
  11. The report shown in Safari will allow copying of CSV or email export, so if you want to keep this data, you don't have to try to do it when you are groggy after a night's sleep.

The big stuff part 2

In version 2.3 Morpheuz introduced a link up with Max Bäumle's Smartwatch Pro to push data into iOS 8's Healthkit.

In 2.6 we take this a stage further with automatic transfer to Healthkit.

This is how it works:
  1. Do one manual export of sleep times into Healthkit from the configuration page
  2. Doing this registers a secret token with Smartwatch Pro as well as sending across that day's sleep times
  3. Click the automatic checkbox and Save
  4. Ten hours after you've pressed reset on the Morpheuz menu and gone to bed (you've guessed the rest...) Morpheuz will send the data to the Smartwatch Pro servers using the same secret token. The only data that is sent is the secret token, the sleep time and the wake time. The data is immediately pushed, without storage on the servers to your phone, where Smartwatch Pro inserts the data into Healthkit.
  5. If Smartwatch Pro isn't running then a notification is displayed, which when actioned enters the data into Healthkit.
  6. This requires an update to Smartwatch Pro which will be in the Apple App Store in a few weeks