Monday, 22 December 2014

Setting up Pushover for the first time

In addition to downloading Pushover onto your iPhone or Android phone you need to do a little setting up with

Fortunately this only needs to be done once:

Open the settings page on Morpheuz and scroll down to this bit:

Go to the Pushover Dashboard:

Initially you will need to register an application:

Here is an icon to use (rmb click to download):

Once you have created it, then it will look like this, if you click on the name from the dashboard:

Once you have entered the user and the token (both case sensitive 30 character long keys) and pressed save Morpheuz will be ready to go.

"Last result" shows what happened last time it attempted to use the Pushover user and token. If you re-enter settings, don't worry if this says 'Disabled', until the next export time.

Export happens at least 9 hours after you have reset it for bed time. If you have shut Morpheuz down then it will come alive for 5 minutes some 10 hours after you've reset.

Providing you already have a watch full of data, you can test using the resend option.

For those of you curious as to why this approach was taken, feel free to have a look at the Pushover FAQ.


  1. Thank you for this information I was able to figure out the needed information to review my sleep data in pushover

  2. I'm new to Pebble. Where do I get the token?

  3. I'm new to Pebble. Where do I get the token?

  4. This is amazing. I totally support your project and offer my hands to help - I'm web developer. keep the good work up!

  5. Hi, love using your app. Thanks for making this happen. I do have a question, can you explain the timing of the export to pushover again? I see the paragraph beginning with "Export happens at least 9 hours after..." however I don't understand what the referred to "reset" is? Thanks.

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