Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Version 2.7

Version 2.7 of Morpheuz is now live on the Pebble App Store and My Pebble Faces.

Icons showing activity monitor;
ignore; smart alarm set;
recording; bluetooth and comms
and battery level

  • Improved icons - simplified icon set, right aligned
  • Export done icon - new icon to show an export has been done
  • Last auto export date on the settings page - shows when the last auto export was run
  • Auto export timeout handling - if the service or network is unavailable then there is a clear indication this happened
  • Better auto export error handling - if the auto export errors then this is shown
  • Anonymous usage statistics using
  • Minor bug in calculation routines quashed
  • Improved layout of export section of settings page

Note: To help improve Morpheuz, this version collects anonymous usage statistics once a day. This usage data is small, contains no identifying information and no sleep or movement data. It can be disabled, if you desire (bottom of settings page). Please look here for more information.

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