Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Automatic HealthKit Export

Should now be available in the Apple App Store.
  1. Grab the new (1.4) Smartwatch Pro.
  2. Do a manual export to Healthkit from ‎Morpheuz‬.
  3. Go back to ‎Morpheuz‬ settings, tick the automatic option and save.
Tomorrow your Healthkit export will be done for you. Brought to you by the magic of Max Bäeumle and Smartwatch Pro

Sleep well

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Version 2.8

  • Version warning in settings page
  • Copyright upgraded to 2015
  • Full C to JS round trip app message ACK
  • Better version number propogation
  • Allow working builds without the file containing usage application key
  • No longer stops the worker process on exit as this wrecked upgrades
  • Settings page scales to size of phone
  • Report view in pushover scales to size of phone and supports landscape: