Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Automatic HealthKit Export

Should now be available in the Apple App Store.
  1. Grab the new (1.4) Smartwatch Pro.
  2. Do a manual export to Healthkit from ‎Morpheuz‬.
  3. Go back to ‎Morpheuz‬ settings, tick the automatic option and save.
Tomorrow your Healthkit export will be done for you. Brought to you by the magic of Max Bäeumle and Smartwatch Pro

Sleep well


  1. Hello, James.

    I have a problem with that.
    I am using Morpheuz 2.8 and I have purchased Smartwatch Pro. I own a not jailbroken iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1 and Health app.

    I pick manually the export button and the data goes perfectly to health app. After that, I return to Morpheuz settings, tick the automatic export check and save config.
    But next day the data do not export automatically, and the "last result" into Morpheuz settings shows the message: "[400,"Bad Request"]". I have tried several times with same results.
    I try a manual export again, and Smartwatch Pro shows always the same message: "Morpheuz would like to access your health data - Don't allow/OK". I press OK and the data exports correctly. I return to Morpheuz settings, tick "automatic" and save, but this continous cicle starts once again and the data never export automatically.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Please do a long press on the export button and copy the URL. Can you email it to me using the support email address on the Morpheuz Pebble App Store page?

    2. Today I still have the same problem (400 Bad Request)
      I've followed the steps :
      -(First) Do a manual export to Healthkit from ‎Morpheuz‬.‎
      -(Then) Go back to ‎Morpheuz‬ settings, tick the automatic option and save.

      Now i have an "Ok" Status, so i'll check it tomorrow; if the problem is still there i'll send the link on the export button.
      (Iphone 5S / JB with Pangu)

  2. No problem, James. I am going to do it.

    Thanks for the early response ;)

  3. Today, the automatic export has gone OK. Let's see tomorrow.

  4. so is it now $3.99 for smartwatch pro which is needed to download data from "free" app?

  5. Is it right, that the data in the Health App are very "simple"
    No Sleep Movement, no Sleep Quality?
    Have anyone a suggestion for a nice app, that can do magic with the csv data?

  6. I have an error. I click manual export and get *"Morpheuz" would like to access your health data*. I clock OK and it opens the Pebble App splash and then back to MyPebble, but it appears that it never authorized it because it fails and this all repeats itself.

  7. Hello, I do love this app - however I was expecting more detail to be exported to Health, not just beginning and ending times. Have there been discussions with Max on better integration of data?

    1. We've discussed this for sure, but all Apple Health accepts is start and end time for bed and start and end time for sleep. Supplying the extra information seems to provide absolutely nothing extra out of Apple Health. Hopefully this will improve in the future and I expect to make use of the improvements when they come.

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