Saturday, 11 July 2015

Morpheuz 3.2 is now live

  • Better graphics on Pebble Time
  • Preset smart alarm times (3 independent memories) (sadly Pebble Time only due to application size)
  • Battery gauge goes red when 10% or less power available (Pebble Time)
  • Email export of CSV data now sends a pleasantly formatted HTML email rather than using "mailto:" which worked on iOS but seldom on Android. Android users now get the same functionality as iOS.
  • Removed CSV copy area as the email export should now be usable on all platforms.
  • Cancel alarm and snooze alarm now match the built in alarm button choices regardless of platform (Pebble Time has cancel on down and snooze on up - original pebble is visa-versa).
  • The "notices" window can be cancelled by the press of any button.
  • The 11 hour after bedtime wakeup for automatic exports shuts down as soon as they are done rather than leaving Morpheuz open for 5 minutes.
  • The long press on the back button to leave Morpheuz (originally intended to prevent an accidental press stopping the app) is now only required when in "recording" mode or when power nap is running. Any other time a single press will shut the app, just like any other app.