Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Morpheuz 3.3

Morpheuz 3.3 is now in beta test:

  • Phillips Hue light triggering on alarm (turns on and brightens slowly to maximum)
  • Redesigned analogue face (easier to read)
  • Battery bar goes orange and then red on low battery (PT)
  • Better version propagation (again)
  • No background process - now does a revive if another app foregrounds itself whilst monitoring sleep. Can now be used with UP, Misfit and not such a pain with Battery+.
  • Fixed howling great bug in LIFX support.
  • Menu shows action just before closing - more positive feedback
  • Highlight color of menu and settings now black on PT. More contrast, so easier to read.
  • Removed additional jqplot header from HTML - minor but unnoticeable performance improvement
  • Included a chart hyperlink in the CSV export. Now see the chart again as well as a copy of your data
  • Ignore line on plot now matches width of chart so appears to cover 10 minutes as it should.


  1. Do I beta test by compiling from GitHub?

    1. Email me your address from the support email on the Morpheuz app page, and I'll share the .pbw with you.

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