Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Morpheuz 3.5 User Experience Improvements

Morpheuz 3.5 is live. The intention with 3.5 was to attempt to improve the user experience as much as possible.

  • The menu doesn't show "Ignore" until Morpheuz is recording sleep. The top menu item is "Bed time" I.e. The first thing you might want to select.
  • The Smart Alarm dialog has been replaced with something similar to the quiet time setting screens from the 3.x OS. Pressing select moves to the next field and up and down change the value. If the smart alarm is off at the end of this, then it will be turned on.
  • The font size for setting the alarm times is now big enough for 40+ year olds to read.
  • The smart alarm on/off is a separate menu item. Picking this item turns it on or off. It is always turned on after picking times in the Smart Alarm dialog, or picking a preset.
  • The smart alarm setting menu item shows the time range picked in the description.
  • The menu closes after most options, except turning the smart alarm on or off, setting a new smart alarm time, or accessing the preset menu. The reasoning being that it is likely that another menu item will be picked after these ones. Use cases like set smart alarm times, then pick bed time. Or set times and store in preset memory.
  • All watch face times now pay correct attention to 12hr or 24hr setting.
  • The date on the tops of menus and the main screen includes the day of the week. Personally I really care this is Friday night....
  • The IFTTT Maker interface now gets a 'morpheuz_bedtime' event too.
  • The app starts faster on Pebble and Pebble Steel.
  • Little notices to tell you to press "Bed time" don't appear whilst you are on the menu trying to press the "Bed time" option. This seemed rude.
  • The times for the smart alarm can straddle midnight.
  • A typo showing hyphens on the IFTTT maker events on the settings page has been fixed. Should be underscores.
  • Alarm button markers appear when the alarm sounds. No more guessing which button to press.
  • Menu checkboxes are ticked or empty on b&w devices - makes it extra clear whether something is on. The red crosses and green ticks remain on the colour devices.
  • The auto bedtime now shows the time as 12/24 hour as selected.
  • Removed ‘weekend mode’. Removing functionality is something I very seldom ever do. I added this feature back in the days when the alarm was turned on and off from the phone at the same time as reset for bed was picked. It allowed 12 hours of ‘don’t bother with the alarm’ to be selected from the watch. However now the alarm can be turned on and off so easily with the pick of a menu item, it is simply confusing (the alarm is on, there are times shown on the screen, but the alarm is off right?). The only email correspondence I ever had on the feature expressed mild bemusement. There was even a message that was displayed if someone attempted to set weekend mode when the alarm was off.

This app requires your Pebble Time or Pebble Time Steel to be running Pebble Watch v3.4 and for your Pebble and Pebble Steel to be running v2.9.1


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