Monday, 19 October 2015

Morpheuz, IFTTT and Integration


A few releases back Morpheuz gained the ability to drive the IFTTT Maker Channel. This means that Morpheuz can be used to control home automation and export data to loads of different places.

Morpheuz triggers the following events:
  • morpheuz_alarm
    Triggered when the smart alarm goes off. This is just an event, it carries no data.
  • morpheuz_bedtime
    Triggered when bed time is selected. This is just an event, it carries no data.
  • morpheuz_data
    Triggered if Morpheuz is still running 10 hours after bedtime, 11 hours after bedtime Morpheuz will wake for 5 minutes to send this event, and finally if none of these have happened, just before the next bedtime. This event carries the date and time of bedtime, a URL for the charts page and the full CSV data.
So the first two events are there to make things happen. The last is there to export to all those applications Morpheuz doesn't directly integrate to.

Activating the Maker Channel

Go into IFTTT and pick the Maker channel. You'll get a page like this:

It contains a key. This key can be entered into the settings page on Morpheuz and saved:

Regular Exports to Email

Activate your email channel on IFTTT.
Create a new recipe like in the pictures below.

Pat yourself on the back.
Note: this can be done with a wide variety of destinations, for example PushBullet.

Turning on a light when the smart alarm goes off

If you have LIFX or Phillips Hue bulbs then Morpheuz can already do this quite easily...
Activate your smart bulb channel on IFTTT.
Create a new recipe like in the pictures below.

Again pat yourself on the back. A little self-congratulation is never a bad thing.

Please take care with these and consider the consequences. For example; turning the lights off at bedtime. Hot cup of coffee, auto bedtime and suddenly no light. Also note that with IFTTT you don't need to be home to trigger these events!

Please use the comments below to share recipes you have successfully used.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time Round will be on people's wrists fairly shortly. I'm pretty glad to say that Morpheuz will support the new form factor.

Instead of the digital and analogue displays that are available (and will continue to be) on the rectangular Pebbles, we now have an all new combined analogue/digital round face:

Menus are likewise a little rounded:

Notice windows now look like this:

And the smart alarm setting window looks like this:

There is a new splash screen especially for the Pebble Time Round:

So what's different? Nothing, except there is no analogue option on the round, because of the combined analogue/digital round face. If you have a Original Pebble, Pebble Steel, Pebble Time or a Pebble Time Steel then you will notice no difference at all.

There may be some minor changes before release time (I do read comments!), but I'm sharing this now to reassure anyone buying a Pebble Time Round that their favourite sleep monitor will be there as soon as possible.