Sunday, 15 November 2015

Morpheuz 3.7 - Voice Control

Voice Control

Activated by a long press on the select (or menu) button:

Bed time with the same alarm settingsbedtime
bed time
Bed time with no alarmbedtime without alarm
bedtime with no alarm
bedtime with alarm off
Bed time with the alarm set for the last active settingsbedtime with alarm
bedtime with the alarm
bedtime with alarm on
Bed time with the alarm set for the earliest presetbedtime with early alarm
bedtime with an early alarm
bedtime early preset
Bed time with the alarm set for the latest presetbedtime with late alarm
bedtime with a late alarm
bedtime late preset
Bed time with the alarm set for the middle timed presetbedtime with medium alarm
bedtime with a medium alarm
bedtime medium preset
Turn powernap on or offpowernap
power nap
Snooze the alarmsnooze alarm
alarm snooze
Stop the alarmstop alarm
cancel alarm
alarm off

  • Didn't understand: xxxx - The voice message didn't match up with any of the responses accepted by Morpheuz.
  • Sorry, voice unavailable - The Pebble couldn't start voice recognition for some reason, for example, network problems or server problems
  • Voice recognition failed - The voice recognition system didn't succeed and couldn't return any information to Morpheuz. For example, your Pebble didn't hear anything, or there were network and server problems.
  • Voice recognition stopped - This happens when the back button is pressed during voice recognition.

  • Early, medium and late is considered on the ‘final time’ so: 06:30 - 07:15 is considered later than 06:30 - 07:00
  • As in previous releases, bedtime without an alarm is confirmed with a message and a single viberation. As before, bedtime with an alarm has a message and two short vibrations.
  • Misunderstanding, cancelling or a failure during a spoken command displayes a message and three long vibrations.
  • Actions which have no vibration confirmation, like powernap, are now confirmed by three short vibrations.
  • At present only English is supported for the voice language.
  • bed time and bedtime are considered the same, as is powernap and power nap.
  • If there are other voice commands you feel should be recognised please send a change request.

Preset Changes

The presets menu now shows the three time ranges stored. The presets are no longer numbered one, two and three. This allows the words to be bigger so easier to read. Storing a preset is done with a long press on the button for that preset - a bit like an old style car radio.

Slight message changes

The body text for the notice messages is now in a system font as this is easier to read.
On the Pebble Time Family the ‘sleep well, chart reset, alarm set’ message now includes the time the alarm is set for. This helps confirm the speech recognition was understood.

Apologies to Original Pebble and Pebble Steel Users

The last two releases of Morpheuz have contained little for you guys. This has simply been due to my focussing on the freshly available form factor and new facilities. The next release will contain something for everyone.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Morpheuz and Evernote

Since Morpheuz gained the IFTTT Maker interface, it is now possible to integrate with all sorts of applications. Would you like your daily charts and CSV data to appear in an Evernote notebook? You would? In the picture below is the recipe I use to do exactly that.

Sleep well