Sunday, 17 January 2016

Version 3.8 - Timeline for Original and Steels

  • Timeline on Original and Pebble Steel watches.
  • Summary of your last sleep in new Morpheuz Summary timeline pin and at the top of the config/charts page (so it will appear in all exports too)
  • Recommendation in the summary if you've entered your age on the config page.
  • Bed-time timeline pin appears regardless of whether 'auto bedtime' is selected. If 'auto bedtime' is switched off then the pin is a suggestion. If on, then then pin appears as an automatic entry and will include a 30 minute bedtime reminder.
  • On iOS devices only: the Manual health kit export button appears on charts you've emailed, pushovered, etc to yourself. This allows you to bring healthkit up to date from your chart record. Sadly not for releases prior to 3.8 though.
  • The IFTTT address can be changed. This is for those who want to export to their own, hand-written server, rather than IFTTT.
  • The Smart alarm calculations no longer include the period between bedtime and falling asleep. This should refine the time at which the alarm goes off.
  • There is a new 'stop & quit' menu option - this is for instances where you either have no alarm set, or you get up before the alarm.
  • Holding up or down now auto repeats on time figures when setting the smart alarm on the watch.
  • Removed the menu options for Cancel and Ignore alarm. These are provided by clearly indicated buttons, and if you are working by number of clicks only rather than sight, these adding themselves onto the top adds confusion.
  • Removed functionality that reduces clock movement to once every 5 minutes when motionless. Unconvinced this saves battery life - everything else uses one movement a minute.
  • Changed the render of the analogue watchface to use 3.x techniques and removed the very expensive (in processor terms) method of rendering watch dial.
  • Backlight activated periodically during alarm.
  • Now caches bitmaps on Basalt and Chalk to improve battery performance. Aplite continues to retrieve from resources every time as it doesn't have the memory to hold onto them in store (which was why it was done this way). So Aplite optimised for space and Basalt and Chalk optimised for battery life.
  • Sadly 'Inverse Mode' (black on white) has been retired. It is no longer supported directly under 3.x

This app requires your Pebble, Pebble Steel, Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel or Pebble Time Round to be running Pebble Watch v3.8 (or later)


  1. It appears as though the new "'stop & quit'" does not actually stop or quit the alarm. I pressed it this morning, and resent my data, and noting changed, and the alarm still went off at the planned time.

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