Monday, 29 February 2016

Morpheuz 4.1 - #tweetMySleep and snoozes

Morpheuz 4.1 is in beta testing live. This release there are a couple of new features. First, it now records the number of times you press snooze. This appears in the Timeline Morpheuz Summary and at the top of the charts page.

The second is the #tweetMySleep button. You can now warn your friends and/or colleagues if they need put the coffee pot on danger money.

As you can see I had no less than 6 snoozes - something of a record I think.

If I press the #tweetMySleep button I get the following:

If you are not logged into Twitter, then it will allow you to log in. Otherwise you go straight to editing your tweet and posting.

Please note after tweeting you need to press 'cancel' to get out. Twitter's 'close' button doesn't seem to actually do very much.


  1. Better to use 'Carpe diem' instead of 'Carp diem'.

    1. Perfect sleep comes out as 'Carpe Diem - Seize the day'. Slightly worse sleep is a jokey varient 'Carp Diem - Seize the goldfish'.

      These phrases vary and will be added to.


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