Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Morpheuz & Smartbulbs

A recent email suggested it'd be great if Morpheuz could turn on smart bulbs when the alarm goes off. It already can and has been able to for many releases, however checking through you'd have some trouble finding the information.

Support is provided directly for LIFX and Phillips Hue bulbs.

Go into the Morpheuz settings and scroll down. Expand the section, fill in the details and save.

Clicking on the 'Test before...' checkbox will attempt to set the lights based on the settings you've entered rather than waiting until morning to discover the details were wrong.

Should you not have LIFX or Phillips Hue bulbs, then, if support for your bulbs is available under IFTTT, it is possible to set this up and use the 'morpheuz_alarm' event to turn on the lights too. Or the internet enabled coffee machine.

Note: the Phillips Hue interface will not change a light that is already on.

Note: these features require that your Pebble remain connected to you phone and it retains a connection to the internet.


  1. How can i find the bulb id from my hue bulb?

    1. I believe the bulbs are number from 1 upwards on your Hue setup.

  2. Any idea, on what the "username" should be or where to find it?

    Thanks in advance!


    Here you can see how to get a username from your hue bridge.

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  5. A lot of good news in this post.


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