Friday, 29 July 2016

did_vibrate stuck and accel_data_service_subscribe dead

Version 4.6 introduced two new error messages that are displayed at the top of the chart page.

These are:
  • Error: accel_data_service_subscribe dead. Please report this issue and reboot your Pebble. The sleep data may be incorrect.
  • Error: did_vibrate stuck. Please report this issue and reboot your Pebble. The sleep data may be incorrect.
Previously these were reported as A! and B! in the icon area on the Pebble screen, but since almost no one noticed them, and they would be gone when you go back to check, they were less than useless.

Morpheuz asks the Pebble OS to give it movement readings every few seconds. Morpheuz checks to make sure this actually happens and if it hasn't for more than a minute then it will flag this with the first error.

As part of the movement data Pebble OS provides a did_vibrate flag - this indicates if the vibration motor has run during the movement sample period. To avoid spikes which are not from your own movement, Morpheuz disregards any set of movement readings where the did_vibrate flag is set. If it is set to did_vibrate for more than 2 minutes then Morpheuz raises the second error.

Usage Analytics suggests that this problems occurs mostly on Original Pebble and Pebble Steel, although it does happen on the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Rounds as well to a lower extent.

What can you do?

  • Shut down your pebble (Settings -> System -> Shutdown) then bring it back to life with a long press on the back button. Your watch is like any other computer, sometimes a reboot fixes a multitude of problems.
  • Report this on the Morpheuz Bug page.
  • Report this to Pebble themselves. It seems likely there is a bug in the firmware and Pebble have an excellent track record of finding and fixing this sort of thing if they know about it.
Please let me know if the shutdown and restart worked. I'd also be interested in anyone who actually got chart data with one of these errors.


  1. Fyi, original pebble and have started getting this error every other night or so. It's 50/50 for data, if I get error two nights in a row i don't get data

  2. Oh great this is really Informative .This bug was consistently pissing me off but now with help of this blog i am able to tackle with this bug.. thankyou for this blog :)

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