Sunday, 17 July 2016

Morpheuz 4.6

Morpheuz 4.6 is now live.

Key to this release is to improve the contrast in the charts and to make the colours consistent throughout. So the dark blue on the sleep bar is the same dark blue as is used to represent deep sleep in the Quality of Sleep pie chart.

This can be seen in the example below:

...which can be much easier viewed in comparison with the sleep quality pie:

This makes it easier to see where the deep sleep occurred, that it is 12% of that night's sleep and that constitutes 1 hour of the total.

The sleep totals are now in the key of the quality of sleep pie rather than being added in a table below summary.

Note: the sleep total doesn't add up precisely, 4:20 + 3:20 + 1 is 8:40 not 8:34. The reason for this is Morpheuz counts in 10 minute segments of sleep, so all the assessments (restless, light, deep and ignore) are 10 minute segments from the moment the bed time button is pressed, however the smart alarm happens at an exact time and this, when used, represents the end of sleep.

As usual there are a number of bugs quashed and optimisations made. Especially on the original Pebbles every byte is precious.

Please send me an email if you'd like to be involved in beta testing Morpheuz. Like all beta tests you get the new features first, but, whilst I attempt never to release anything that is not right, there is a risk of a little minor pain.


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