Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Pebble, the Future and Morpheuz

It's terribly sad that Pebble have gone the way of Psion, Palm, Blackberry (nearly) & Commodore. I liked the idea, the products, the company attitude, the fellow developers, and the Pebble staff members I met. It would have been nice to see them succeed, especially against the "big boys". This is my English love of the underdog.

So I would like to raise a glass to Eric, Cherie, Thomas, Katharine, Jon and hope they go on to greater things.

Max, I hope we shall bump into each other on future projects.

Whilst I won't be adding any more features to Morpheuz, I will attempt to bug fix what I can without Pebble support, and keep the servers running for as long as is reasonable*. It does cost money and has paid for itself on advertising (on the site) and by donations to paypal so far.

Remember Morpheuz is an open source project on github and always has been. If you want to change anything and re-compile your own personal version or submit some changes, be my guest.

* Definition of "reasonable" is difficult. Less than 100 users and the money running out possibly?


  1. So So sad. Was a great time using the stuff you pebble developers created.

  2. Thank you for creating Morpheuz and keeping it going!
    Does the github repo contain the server side components (e.g., etc)? Any thoughts about switching to a self-contained configuration using either the Clay framework ( or another one?

  3. Thank you! I'm sad too. The day my Pebble stops functioning will be a sad day

  4. Looks like future is not that dark -

    As far as I understood:
    1) cloud services will still work through 2017
    2) there will be update (for Pebble OS?) which will remove cloud dependencies as much as possible.

  5. I have a commodore amiga , a palm ,Sony clie and blackberry tablets and a blackberry phone and two pebble watches
    And some other stuff ...oh yes a few apple phones and music players , I am 62 years old , I have two ps vita and two wii u...

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