Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Morpheuz Forever

Morpheuz is currently hosted by JustHost. This has been growing considerably more expensive over the last two years, from the very reasonable introductory price, to this year's eye-watering renewal cost.

This is a cost I would like to reduce, but I would also like to make some assurances that Morpheuz will continue to function until the platform upon which it is based ceases to work.

To this end I have set up alternative, and free, hosting on GitHub. I will switch over to this on 01 January 2018.

Almost everything will continue to work unchanged. The exception to this is manual and automatic emailing which relied on the host's support of PHP and outgoing email server. There is however an alternative to the automatic emailing using the IFTTT service. To set this up please look at Integrating with IFTTT. It is possible using this to forward a daily message to an email inbox.

I have removed the donation buttons from the software as it no longer feels right to accept money, although I will still have some limited outgoings for domain registration. Thank you for continuing support - it has enabled Morpheuz to continue this year.