A Complete Sleep App For Pebble.

  • Smart Alarm with Snooze
  • Sleep Movement Charts
  • Digital and Analogue Faces
  • Powernap - a perfectly calibrated rest during the day without feeling drowsy
  • Daily charts sent to Pushover
  • Daily sleep time sent to Apple Health
  • Email export of chart and basic data
  • Phillips Hue & LIFX Smartbulb support (gently light your room up when the alarm goes off)
  • IFTTT Integration (can be used with WeMo, automatic email export, PushBullet and/or anything else you can think of)
  • Can now be used easily without conflict with the Misfit and UP apps - no more activity monitor messages
  • Automatic bed time
  • Free
  • Opensource project - you can find out exactly what Morpheuz does by looking at the code - no 'secret algorithms'

On Pebble Time & Pebble Time Steel only:

  • Smart alarm memories - three presets for your favourite settings
  • Time support showing alarm time and bed time
  • Sleep quote of the day
  • Actionable timeline pins: bed now & cancel bed time.

[Apple Health export requires Smartwatch Pro]

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