Q: Does Morpheuz work with iPhones and Android phones?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I need to purchase a companion app on Android or iOS?
A: No. Morpheuz runs on your watch, showing the options and charts through the configure option of the Pebble iOS or Android app.

Q: Where can I get Morpheuz?
A: On iOS and Android it can be obtained from the official Pebble App Store which is found inside the Pebble phone app. On Android, it can also be downloaded from MyPebbleFaces.

Q: Is my private data secure?
A: Yes. Your data is only stored on your phone. Data is transmitted across the internet to display charts, but no data is stored.

Q: Does Morpheuz store more than one night's data?
A: No, not at present. It will graph for a maximum of 9 hours, but you reset this every night.

Q: Will Morpheuz record when showing another watch face or app?
A: Sorry, No. This isn’t supported by Pebble at present.

Q: Does vibration from alerts affect Morpheuz?
A: It shouldn't - the Pebble tells Morpheuz when the vibration is running and Morpheuz discards this data so as not to affect the graph or smart alarm. However, since you will be wearing your Pebble overnight you may want to set quiet times.

Q: Do I need an internet connection?
A: Only when using the configuration page from the Pebble phone app. Other than that, no.

Q: Does my Pebble need to be connected to my phone overnight?
A: From Morpheuz 1.7 onwards, no. The data is stored on the Pebble and transferred as soon as a connection is restored. The smart alarm is a local function.

Q: Can I leave the Morpheuz app and return?
A: You can. It will cancel a power nap, but overnight recording will continue as soon as you return. There may be a gap in the data on the chart if you are using another app for more than 10 minutes.

Q: I press the 'export to health kit' button. The Morpheuz settings page just closes and nothing is posted in the Health app.
A: This functionality only works on iOS 8 on iPhones and requires the installation of Smartwatch Pro. Please read this for more information.

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