How to Use

  • Download Morpheuz from the Pebble App Store 
  • Go into the Morpheuz App on your watch
  • Go to the menu and set the 'Smart Alarm' times
  • Then pick 'Bed time'
  • Your watch will buzz twice to confirm with a 'sleep well' notice on the display
  • Do not close the Morpheuz app on your Pebble
  • Go to sleep
  • Your watch will wake you between the earliest and latest wake up times when you seem most restless.
  • Go into Morpheuz settings on your phone again and you will see charts of your night's sleep
  • The next night, start Morpheuz, and pick 'Bed time'. If you set 'Auto Bed time' it'll repeat the same time in 24 hours

The Watch App

The watch app screen looks like this (depending on watch model and mode picked):

The top icons show:
  •  This 10 minute period is being ignored 
  •  Alarm is sounding or snoozing 
  • Recording 
  • Successful communication with phone 
  • Bluetooth available 
  • Battery status 
  • Smart Alarm set 
  • Automatic exports (if any) have run 
The text above the time shows smart alarm range or date if the smart alarm is off.

On the digital watch face, below the time is a small bar chart of your movement through the night. In analogue mode this is replaced by a simpler highlighting of the minute marks around the dial of the watch face. The analogue face also has up to three 'stops' around the edge of the face, the first being the reset time, the second two represent the earliest and latest wakeup times.

Voice Control

Do a long press on the select button to bring up voice control. Wait until the listening screen is showing and speak. For a list of commands see here.


Press the select button to bring up the menus (on retangular Pebbles):

Press the select button to bring up the menus (on round Pebbles):

Bed time

Select Bed time to reset sleep period (two short buzzes (if smart alarm is on) or one short buzz (if smart alarm is off) will confirm this)

Smart Alarm

Select Smart Alarm to enable the settings of the Smart Alarm. It brings up the following screen:

The select button moves to the next field, up and down change the value. To cancel, press back, to save press next on the last field. After setting the smart alarm times the smart alarm will be turned on.

You may change the times of the smart alarm after reset, but if the alarm has already gone off then it will not now go off again. Also ensure that you export last nights data before changing the times.

Smart Alarm on/off

This turns the smart alarm on or off. Setting new smart alarm times automatically sets this on, as does retrieving a preset memory.


Select Presets for another menu showing three separate smart alarm time memories. Select to recall that memory (and turn the alarm on), long press on select to set that memory. (Pebble Time only)

Auto Bed time

Select Auto Bed time to bring Morpheuz to life at the same time as last night and automatically select bed-time.

Power nap

Select Power nap for Power Nap. Progress will show on screen in the top left corner - it shows '--' until you stop moving and then counts down from 27 minutes.


Select Analogue to choose between the new analogue watch face as opposed to the digital or 'classic' face. (Not on Pebble Time Round)


Select Resend if when you look at the chart in the morning there are sections missing. After a minute or two Morpheuz will re-send all the data and complete the chart.


Select Quit to close down Morpheuz


Select Ignore to ignore the current 10 minute period. This will show on the graph as a grey bar in the quality of sleep and statistics as grey. This is to enable trips to check baby, or the loo or early hours tweeting to be excluded from your sleep pattern rather than yielding a high spike. This only appears after 'bed time' has started.

Stop & Quit

Stop recording and shut down Morpheuz. Even if you restart Morpheuz no more movement will be recorded until the next bedtime. This only appears after 'bed time' has started.

The Settings Page

All charts and settings are visible on the settings page which can be opened by pressing the Settings button below your loaded app, or Settings on the app info screen.

Above all other settings is the sleep summary. This provides an overview of your current sleep. If you have entered your age, it can provide insight as to whether this was enough, too much or too little sleep.

Next is the Sleep movement graph. Movements are shown in dark blue, the vertical dotted green line is the earliest wake up time and the red the latest. The solid vertical amber line represent the time you went to sleep and the time you woke up. The wake up time is either the smart alarm time, or the latest time you were moving below the awake threshold. The thick light grey line(s) without any plot represent ignored periods.

At the bottom of the sleep movement chart is a level of sleep bar. The dark blue is deep sleep (where the movement trace is below the bottom division), the mid blue is light sleep (the movement trace is between the bottom division and the next one up), light blue is restless sleep(the movement is above the top division).

Mid grey is where no movement was recorded, and the light grey (also shown as a vertical bar on the graph) where ignore is pressed on the watch menu.

Below sleep depth bar, and to the same scale are the sun and moon bars. The sun bar shows the sky brightening towards sunrise. The moon bar shows the phase of the moon and then moon rise and set points. Note when the moon is new this bar is completely black.

Following this is a pie chart of estimated Quality of Sleep which categorises sleep into Restless, Light, Deep sleep and ignored.

Personal information allows you to optionally enter your age. If supplied then the summary at the top of the page becomes more informative and advisory.

In the statistics section the 'Sleep Analysis Data Point' are some times for entry directly into Apple's Health as Asleep times.

The export and home automation section supports the following capabilities, in collapsible sections. Each section can be opened by tapping on the yellow folder icon. All the config sections have bullet point colours to correctly reflect the set status: grey (one-off export), blue (automatic but unset), green (automatic and set) and red (automatic and failed). Red sections are automatically opened, so as the problem can be clearly seen. Details are only saved by pressing either of the 'save' buttons.

E-mail - CSV Data & Chart

This sends a HTML formatted email to the mail address entered. It contains a link to the chart and the raw CSV data, which can be copied into an application of your choice, or into the Chart Viewer page of this blog.
The data is time and movement within the 10 minute time period. The movement is expressed in 1/1000G up to 4G.

Automatic E-mail - CSV Data & Chart

Select this checkbox and a mail will be sent once a day to the email address entered in the section above.

Pushover - Daily Chart Export

Automatic export to Pushover. Once this is set up then Morpheuz will automatically export a full chart view to Pushover every day.
Setup is explained in more detail in Setting up Pushover for the first time

Manual Healthkit via Smartwatch Pro Export (iOS only)

Clicking this button on iOS8+ with Smartwatch Pro installed on your phone will export that nights sleep data to Smartwatch Pro which will insert it into Healthkit.
It will also 'pair' Morpheuz with Smartwatch Pro for the automatic update below.
This is the button:

Automatic Healthkit via Smartwatch Pro Export (iOS only)

Once a manual export has been done, then selecting automatic and 'saving' will result in this being done every morning after the your sleep cycle has completed.
For more information on how this works look here.

LIFX smartbulb support

Get your LIFX token by logging into your profile at and selecting the "Generate New Token" button. If the values are correct, your LIFX lightbulbs will fade on as soon as your alarm goes off. This feature is thanks to Jorge Rodriguez.

Phillips Hue smartbulb support

Enter the IP, username and bulb number for the bulb you wish to control. If these details are right it should turn the light on in the morning and brighten it slowly to maximum.

IFTTT - Maker - Daily Chart Export & Alarm

Setting the key here will make Morpheuz send a 'morpheuz_alarm' event, a 'morpheuz_bedtime' event and a 'morpheuz_data' event to the maker channel. These can be used in IFTTT recipes to send data to Email automatically, Pushbullet, or to control Belkin WeMo lights.

Anonymous Usage Statistics

Once a day, unless you deselect allow (and press save), Morpheuz will send anonymous usage information to the morpheuz website. This data contains:
  • The version of Morpheuz you are using - for better information about uptake of new versions (like is 2.4 actually used by anyone or can I drop the files from the server?)
  • Android or iOS - for deciding whether iOS only features, Android only features or universal features should be priority
  • Approximate location from IP address - for determination which countries would be priorities for producing internationalised versions
  • Pebble Model
At the time of writing 110,000 people have downloaded Morpheuz. 400-600 a day look at this site. However, trying to size a central server would be difficult. Size could be one person (me) or 110,000.
The data does not contain anything that could identify you personally, or contain your sleep or movement patterns

Protect against some activity monitoring apps interfering with Morpheuz

UP and Misfit use a background process. To sync their data they replace Morpheuz as the running app. Enabling this setting (the default) will make Morpheuz revive after 5 minutes, allowing these apps to sync their data, and Morpheuz to continue to monitor sleep.
This option replaces the earlier background process Morpheuz used to force UP and Misfit's background processes to shut down.
Only consider disabling if this option causes you problems.

See Also

See FAQ for more information and introduction for some what's it all about type stuff.

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