Your Pebble watch, your phone and the free Morpheuz app are all you need to monitor your night's sleep.

Inside the Pebble watch is a movement sensor called an accelerometer. Using this Morpheuz tracks your movement during the night and transmits this back to your phone.

You view this information on your phone as a graph of movement over the night, and as a chart of the time spent in deep, light and restless sleep.

Morpheuz includes a Smart Alarm facility. This enables you to set an earliest and latest wake-up time. When Morpheuz detects that you are stirring within this period, Morpheuz will gently awaken you with a progressive stages of watch vibration. If you remain in a deep sleep until the latest wake up time, Morpheuz will always attempt to wake you.

The alarm has a snooze facility, operating a preset snooze of 9 minutes.

Morpheuz also includes a Power Nap feature. Once activated (from the menu), Morpheuz starts a countdown once you stop moving, giving an optimum 27 minutes of rest before stirring you with gentle vibration.

There are several manual and automatic export options, allowing export of charts and data to email, Pushover, Apple Health and IFTTT Maker (for both automatic data exports and alarms). It will also allow LIFX and Phillips Hue bulbs to be brightened gently when the alarm starts vibrating.

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